As a certified legal nurse consultant, I work with attorneys to prepare and assess the medical components of legal cases. My previous experience in the healthcare field gives an insider perspective and invaluable knowledge.

Legal Nurse Consultant Services

1) Analyzing and Summarizing Medical Records

Medical cases can be complicated, and one of my primary services is to simplify the information for my clients. After thoroughly reviewing the medical information, I organize and summarize lengthy records for several types of cases, including personal injury, worker’s compensation and dental cases. My experience in healthcare also helps me assess hospital and office policies and standards of care that may be relevant. For example, I can assess the care the client was given and the quality of that care as well as assessing medication schedule and appropriateness of the dosage. These will assist attorneys in delineating the case facts and determining the case merit.

I prepare detailed and accurate timelines, chronologies, medical summaries and case reviews. This allows attorneys to understand the medical aspects of their cases more easily by organizing medical chart information into content that’s easier to digest. I can help identify important, missing records that may be relevant to the legal case, assuring the completeness of medical records. If a question of tampering with the medical records is raised, I am also able to help attorneys verify the correct documents.

2) Attending Independent Medical Examinations/Defense Medical Examinations (IME/DME) for the plaintiff or defense

3) Locating Expert Witnesses

With my help, my clients are connected with healthcare professionals whose medical expertise brings additional credibility to the case.

4) Expert Fact Witness on Pain and Suffering (FRE 1006)

Types of Cases

Traumatic Brain Injury

General Personal Injury

Medical and Dental Malpractice

Wrongful Death

Workers’ Compensation